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Automate Tasks App Features

How Automate Tasks App saves 4 hours of each Employee?

Effortless Task Delegation

Task Assignment

Assign tasks with deadlines and priorities, allow assigners to choose frequency, and ensure efficient completion and management.

Recurring Tasks-Daily, Weekly & Monthly

​Set up recurring tasks that need to be done on a periodic basis.

Task Progress Updation

Teammates stay updated on tasks and report progress to ensure assigners are kept informed.

Task Tracking & MIS Reports

Department wise Dashboard

Get real-time updates on tasks, including completion notifications and milestone achievements.

Employee Performance

Analyze employee performance with MIS scores, fostering responsibility and accountability.

WhatsApp & Email Reminders

Instant WhatsApp & Email Reminders 

Automated reminders and notifications about tasks and deliverables.

Daily Reminders on WhatsApp 

Employees get Daily Reminder for pending Tasks which pushes them to complete on time

Say goodbye to miscommunication

Audio Notes

While assigning tasks, you can add audio note to explain in detail about how to perform a specific tasks or what to avoid.


Every team leader and manager will be able to assign, modify and delete KRAs to each team member.

No excuses, only Task Completion-using Automate Tasks App📲

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Automate Tasks

How Automate Tasks Works?


Set up your account

Add your teammates, assign roles to each member and ensure everyone knows their daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

You can group teams department-wise, thus ensuring quick task assignments to relevant employees.


Delegate tasks to your team

Assign one-time or recurring tasks with detailed descriptions, priority, deadlines and attachments.

Through comments, teammates can update task statuses, request revisions and request more information.


Team will receive notifications

Instant WhatsApp alerts about new tasks on their mobile devices.

Clear task ownership and real-time updates foster a sense of responsibility and ownership.


Check progress using MIS score

Track task progress within the app, with instant notifications on completion.

Gain insights into team performance to identify areas of improvement.

Manage your Team in 10 mins a day

Unlock the Power of AUTOMATE TASKS APP with WhatsApp Reminders & 10X Team Productivity🚀

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Best Application

Benefits Of Using Task App

Save time with seamless integration and automation

Increase employee satisfaction

Access tasks from any internet-enabled device

Stay organized and focused on what matters most​

Increase productivity
by 10x

Reduce stress and meet deadlines consistently

We are on a mission to help 1 Million MSMEs automate their business and get freedom from daily firefighting.


What Folks Are Saying About #AutomateBusiness 

How Task Delegation is helping our clients solve their problems and achieve freedom from daily firefighting.​

​Sanjiv loves assigning tasks with Audio Notes, saving time. The dashboard keeps him organized, and automated reminders reduce follow-ups, saving 3-4 hours daily.

Sanjiv Verma

(Pharma Manufacturer)

Sagar's team thrives with Task's dashboards, easy tracking, and automated reminders, boosting efficiency and accountability.

Sagar Gulati

(Imports and Trading)

Clients who love us


Manage your Team in 10 mins a day

Unlock the Power of AUTOMATE TASKS APP with WhatsApp Reminders & 10X Team Productivity🚀

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Attendance Tracker?

This is a feature that allows employees to clock in and out of their shifts electronically using facial recognition. It can also capture their location..

What are the benefits of Attendance Tracking?

It simplifies timekeeping, reduces errors, and provides accurate data for payroll processing.

What is Leave Management and How does it work?

This feature streamlines the process of requesting, tracking, and approving employee leave. Employees submit leave requests electronically, specifying the type and duration. Managers can then review and approve or deny the request through the system.

Do I need both Attendance Tracking and Leave Management?

No, it depends on your needs. However, using both offers a comprehensive solution for managing employee time and leave.

What are the advantages of using both features together?

They provide a centralized platform for all employee time-related data, streamlining processes and improving overall HR efficiency.

Can I track remote employee attendance?

Yes, some Attendance Trackers offer mobile app options with features like geolocation capture to ensure remote employees are clocking in/out from designated locations.

What happens if there are attendance discrepancies?

Reporting managers will be able to see such discrepencies including missed punbhes. Employees can then address these within the platform for approval.

What types of leave can be tracked?

The system can be customized to accommodate various leave types like sick leave, vacation time, personal days, etc.

Can employees see their remaining leave balance?

Yes, most Leave Management systems provide a self-service portal where employees can view their leave requests, approvals, and remaining leave balances.

What happens if employees forgot to mark attendance?

Employees can mark attendance for past dates using Regularisation form. Once the employee submits this request, reporting manager shall approve or reject such attendance.

Is there any training required to use the system?

Most systems are user-friendly and require minimal training. However, some platforms may offer training resources or webinars for both employees and managers.

How can this package help me improve my business efficiency?

By automating tasks, streamlining workflows, and improving communication, this package can significantly boost your overall business efficiency.