Meet Our Clients Who Have Implemented Our Systems To Automate Their Business!


Rohit Jaiswal

Lead Acid Storage Batteries

Rohit, an EV battery manufacturer, found our Task app a game-changer for his team's productivity in the last two years. Automated WhatsApp notifications and reminders on tasks saved him significant time.

Sanjiv Verma


​Sanjiv loves assigning tasks with Audio Notes, saving time. The dashboard keeps him organized, and automated reminders reduce follow-ups, saving 3-4 hours daily.

Himmanshu Gulati

Car & Bike Body Covers Manufacturer

"This task delegation app has been a breath of fresh air! It keeps everything incredibly organized, with a clear and systematic approach. The best part? Tasks are implemented so quickly – no more waiting around for things to get started. It's a massive time saver and keeps my team on top of things."

Hiral Joshi

Construction Chemical Manufacturing

"Since using Task Delegation App, I can finally focus on running my business without worrying about missed tasks. The app keeps everything organized, so my team knows exactly what to do, and I don't have to constantly remind them. Now, I can finally breathe easy knowing everything is on track."

Sachin Patodkar

Fabric Manufacturer


Retail & Trading

Sagar Gulati

Imports & Trading

Sagar's team thrives with Task's dashboards, easy tracking, and automated reminders, boosting efficiency and accountability.

Ashwini Maggu

Appliances Retail


Service Providers

Rakesh Sinha


"I've been incredibly impressed by the quality of reporting. Everything is clear and easy to understand. Even better, any issues that arise are addressed promptly. This has given me so much peace of mind – no more constant worrying about project status!"

Ashish Dalia

Digital Branding and Marketing Agency

"Since using this tool, I've noticed a significant improvement in how I delegate tasks. The clear visual dashboard keeps me on top of everything, and the WhatsApp notifications ensure I never miss an update. It's also fostered a great sense of accountability within my team – everyone knows their work is being tracked, which keeps us all focused and productive."

M.G Shankar

IT Services, Design Agency

"Task Delegation App has given us the tools to track team performance, streamline tasks, and free up valuable time. This translates to happier clients with better service and allows us to focus our energy on what matters most – developing innovative products and growing our business."

Yogesh Gupta

Hotels & Hospitality

"Running my business used to be a constant scramble. Now, with this app, I can delegate tasks with ease, knowing my team will get updates quickly and accurately. It's a brilliant application."

Gaurav Sota

Service Provider


Nikhil Ajmera

Facade Contracting


Nishant Bansal

PR & Events


Suril Kamdar

Event Management


Sudarshan Chitale

Electrical Services


Rajesha HB

Service Provider


Sonashree Deshpande

Marketing Services


Real Estate

Sandeep Israni

Residential & Commercial 

"Task Delegation App has been a game-changer for my business. Delegating tasks is effortless, and everyone's accountable. No more nagging – they see their tasks, own them, and get them done. Plus, it makes performance reviews a breeze. Highly recommend!"


Samkith Banthia

Entrance Coaching Services



Vivek Doshi

Chartered Accountant